Weddings are a strange phenomenon.

Fortunately for me and anyone else in this trade, weddings are here to stay!

I live in a beautiful village between Bordeaux and Toulouse which is on the Canal Lateral and the Garonne River. It has an amazing panoramic view point and in the warm months it’s a heavenly place to be. Peaceful, beautiful and full of entertainment , water sport, boats, night markets, a cycle track which goes all the way to the Med, concerts, and warm, balmy evenings. Perfect for a  stressless event one would think.!

But does anyone really enjoy their wedding day?

My work involves composing and performing ceremonies , mostly here in France, for countless couples every year. Invariably I encounter the same stressed wedding planner, bride, groom, catering staff, florist, musicians,groomsmen,bridesmaids, photographer. The list goes on…………….

“I wouldn’t do it like that” I hear everyone say to themselves .” Why does everyone chose to do this? Why does a seemingly festive occasion almost always become an enormously stressful event in our lives.?

A wedding in every country in the world is a hugely important rite of passage not only for the couple but for both their families.
It brings out the creative side of everyone invited. No one is shy of making preparations a year or more in advance. Everyone is willing to be a bridesmaid or groomsman and the role is taken very seriously. People are willing to travel the globe, spend silly money on outfits and shoes and take special time off work.
People will begin to collect pretty objects for table decorations, make pickles and chutneys, plant special flowers and research all the possibilities to make their loved one’s wedding a visual extravaganza.
I’ve seen the most cynical friends who are totally against the institution of marriage get completely swept along with it all.

I wonder why,in this day and age, couples still want to get married.

Is there some indefinable line across which we step ? A rite of passage. If so why does divorce not make a mockery of it all? Why do divorced couples very often go through it all again?

So in order to help my rather embarrased couples, who find themselves in full flow, heading towards a public, ellaborate expession of love and commitment, I did some research into “Man’s need for ritual.” And worked out some tips for enjoying it all on the day!!