A do it yourself wedding. “Au naturel “Eygalieres Provence.



I performed an English ceremony in Eygaliere Provence yesterday for Alex Mawby and Ben Doherty. I flew from Bordeaux to Marseille and was met by taxi driver Philippe .

Alex had arranged the taxi, bless her, and she wanted me to go straight to the venue for a rehearsal.
My experience with weddings told me that even if the couple arrive at the venue days early,  everything can be very overwhelming if they don’t have a wedding planner.

I prepared myself for a stressed bride.

The property was stunning! A typical provencal heaven. The weather was mercilessly hot and the barn was being prepared for the ceremony. The champagne reception was going to be around the pool and dinner outside on the south facing terrace.!

I was welcomed by many very busy members of the family. People were up ladders, cutting and arranging flowers, carrying furniture to a fro, making food, gardening, mowing, decorating, putting candles in jam jars, tying ribbons etc. ….
Alex was clearly tired and stressed. She had been up since 4 am to be on time to get her flowers from the wholesale market.
She greeted me with a look of panic, ……..whilst she was struggled  to make herself understood on the telephone to the french caterer who was lost!
I accepted the offer of a cup of tea ( I had also been up since 4am to catch an early morning flight) and went to the barn to meet Ben.
Alex was obviously not happy with how the work was progressing and Ben was up a ladder melting in 40 degree heat. “There was tension”, controlled prickliness!
They weren’t ready for a rehearsal…..
I took control…….
“We don’t need a rehearsal”I told them” I just need ten minutes of your time now and I’ll get out of your hair and go to my chambre d’hote.”
Ten minutes later we’d walked through the ceremony and they were reassured.

Next day..
I arrived at 11,30 am for a 1,30 ceremony.
Everything was ready. It all looked picture perfect. I’ve added some before and after photos here and I’ll add the professional ones to my Portfolio page once I receive them.