Kindest , smartest….. most beautiful young women.


“Thank you sandie for being the best celebrant we could have asked for – what a diamond find you are! It was such a heartfelt and wonderful celebration, full of magic – what a day and
thanks to you for kicking it off so beautifully!

Keep in touch xx”

Chloe Hill and Ana met each other whilst they were both working for the UN in Panama.

They both have PHd’s and devote their lives to  the protection of the planet and humankind. They are full of mutual respect and love for each other . During their 9 year relationship they’ve worked in Europe, South America and Asia and decided to get married in the British Embassy in Cambodia Phnom Penh last year 2016.

It was an honour and an enormous pleasure for me to travel across France to their lovely family home near in the Drôme Provençale to perform their symbolic ceremony in the presence of their 180 International guests who had all travelled much further than me to celebrate with them.

They actually flew to Bordeaux in the winter months especially to meet me prior to their wedding . We had dinner together and became friends………………..

The kindest, smartest most beautiful young women …………

Mariage de Chloe et AnaMariage de Chloe et Ana