May 2014 Weddings Begin.

Today I did the final tweaks  for Jane and Hugh’s ceremony. I feel more pressure than usual to get this one perfect because Jane is a dear friend. She’s beautiful and good and deserves a beautiful, natural, outdoor ceremony. The wedding will be at their home in South West France. Heaven knows how hard they’ve had to work to get their charming but ruin-like  farmhouse ready for Saturday 3rd of May.

She called today sounding very stressed and it felt so good to be able to reassure her that I could orchestrate the whole ceremony for her : music , amplification, seating, candles, ribbons etc.

“I haven’t even thought about music for the ceremony ” she said.

I suggested all the music for the processional, the candle ceremony, signing of the certificate and the recessional. Then I made a playlist on my iPad and  amazed  her with my professional amplification gear. A really good investment last year !! I can amplify my voice, an additional mic for a reading and an iPod for music , all cordless and batterie operated, so no need for electric cables.

“All you have  to do is worry about looking beautiful and  getting yourself up  the aisle to join Hugh. You don’t have to remember anything. I’ll guide everything you say .

So we’re all looking forward to it now.

Will post photos.