Defining “Love” in an ordinary day.

Anyone who’s self employed knows that if you want to sell your services on the web you have to constantly work on your website and social media……..
so I begin every morning with a cup of tea and an hour on my ipad. I follow marketing professionals’ do’s and don’t’s about optimizing and using the web.

I believe that “Love” binds us all to each other and our attitude to ourselves and to others creates our reality. This sounds poetical and unrealistic but the concept even works for social media. Google actually rewards those who share other people’s information. Like every aspect of life……..whatever you focus your attention on will blossom. I focus on sharing information ….if I don’t have any info to share I share someone elses. I try to help someone every day even if it’s just liking their work or recommending them or re-posting.

I then begin with answering emails and working on ceremonies. I always have at least one on the go. Either I’m composing or tweaking a ceremony with edits back from a couple. This is constant work all year round . I’m not a super organized person and I make it all up as I go along but I work steadily which seems to get results.

Each couple who confirms a booking ( sometimes two years before their wedding ! ) is sent a questionnaire to fill in. I love reading about how a couple met,fell in love and why they’ve decided to get married. One can’t be a celebrant unless one whole heartedly believes in ‘LOVE’. One doesn’t have to believe in God…….( although some believe they are one and the same)

Throughout history in every culture known to man we have tried to define

My definition of Love

“A conscious dimension of reality which connects everything in the universe”

When we fall in love we feel a sensation which can not be ignored. We can try to ignore the sensation if it creates pain and we can create distance from it so it loses it’s hold but if we allow it to grow it creates trust, selflessness, comfort, goodness, positive energy, infinite possibility, hope, satisfaction, inspiration and joy. Love yearns for sharing and forces us to sacrifice and compromise willingly, forces us to bend, changing us silently by it’s compulsion. An all powerful force.”

I have already blogged about how I see it but at the risk of being boring I’ll repeat just this……

Everyone is looking for love…… whether it be through their work, physical beauty, kindness to others,  material success, adventure,travel,art etc…….. .

When a couple get married ………their love fills them with optimism for their future. They feel stronger and complete with the prospect of sharing their lives, dreams and aspirations together.They create a new circle of ‘Love’ which gathers in both families,friends and children.

So what a privilege it is for me  to be an integral catalyste in that precious moment when a couple declare their love for each other! It is such an honour to even be invited into such an intimate gathering of close family and friends. I hope that my sincerity earns me this right and I am always grateful for the opportunity to perform a ceremony.

I approach the composition of a ceremony with a quiet moment when  I settle down to read the  couple’s story like a true romance. During this time I disconnect the phone so as not to be distracted .

It takes me about a day to compose a first draft. Sometimes longer if I get stuck on something complicated or delicate .

I take regular breaks from my computer to be outside near a tree or two . I’m whacky enough to believe that I can get energy, peace and inspiration from outdoor nature . My family think I’m a little nuts but I love just watching insects tirelessly going about their business.

I try to practice vipassana meditation as often as possible but I have a healthy problem with over-indulgence.

I say ” healthy” because I share an eternal struggle with myself and  the rest of humanity.

When it’s time to feed my pets in the evening I stop work and look up a recipe. …Again the glorious internet …….!!

And maybe open a bottle of Bordeaux!