Jerome and Mathieu

Dear Sandie,

We authorise you to use pictures of our wedding for your website.

We did not have time yet to thank the different persons that highly contributed to make that day so perfect. Therefore, I take this opportunity to tell you a big THANK YOU. Even though the weather were not particularly attractive you made this moment eternal and emotional.

We are deeply and sincerely honored that you have accepted to marry us as your first men’s wedding.

I can follow on facebook that you spend marvellous time all over Europe to celebrate people’s wedding and that is awesome! They/we are lucky.

Have lovely day.

Jérôme et Mathieu

We got married on the 28th of June 2014. For our wedding we were looking for an original and authentic ceremony. I know Sandie for quiet some years and during a discussion she offered us the great idea to celebrate our wedding. We really have appreciated her company and support during the organization of the event. to start with the preparation of the ceremony, She had given us a questionnaire to target our aspiration and personality. It has been very funny to discover each others’ answers after submission. Later, Sandie got back to us with different propositions and ideas! We have been very seduced by the ruban idea and the mise en scene. In a word, thanks to this celebrant we have had a splendid and unforgettable moment. Our guests were very touched and found it amazingly surprenant! Once again, thank you Sandie for this uniqueness and for having accepted to be part of this day!