Iran and England come together with Mina and James…..

Dear Sandie,

Thank you so much Sandie for being our wedding celebrant.

Not only did you accommodate our mixed Iranian / English culture requirements, you researched and learnt about them, providing your own proposals with Iranian poetry; very touching.

During the ceremony, your genuine warmth and sense of calm eased both our anxieties and made the ceremony thoroughly enjoyable for both of us. We also appreciated that you took your time and didn’t rush, pausing at appropriate moments (and of course when babies were screaming!).

Something that was really important to us once we decided to get legally married in England and then have our big celebration in France, was to not ‘dilute’ the ceremony just because it was not our legal wedding. You managed this perfectly and it really did feel like our ‘proper’ wedding.

You engaged with our guests, you made them laugh and cry in a whirlwind of emotions.

Thank you for your significant contribution to our wonderful wedding and we wish you all the best in the future.

With love,

James and Mina

Mina and Jamesq 4