Hindu/Christian/Humanist …?


Well my season has started with a few crazy experiences.

My first wedding of the year was in Chamonix in the mountains. I’ve already blogged about it so please back up and take a look!

My second wedding was closer to home at Chateau Pape Clément in Bordeaux. The wedding planner was Sissi from http://www.irisdestination.com


A few days later another Chinese ceremony for Sissi at http://www.chateauxmirambeau.com



Then I had the craziest day at http://www.villalatosca.com/ for Rupal and Phil’s Hindu/Christian/Humanist day.

Now this was the antithesis of every other wedding I’ve ever done.

Hardly any organisation at all!!

The enquiry came in late ………….beginning of March for an April wedding ?!

We had a Skype interview and immediately liked each other.  Turns out that Rupal’s family …….her mother, 5 sisters and brother were all born in Uganda where I too was born. The Ugandan Asians were thrown out of the country by Idi Amin in 1972 and arrived in England as refugees. They  reconstructed their lives  again from zero  and are thriving and successful in the UK.   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Expulsion_of_Asians_from_Uganda

I sent Rupal a questionnaire and asked her to complete it rapidly ‘cos I didn’t have much time for composition.

Well I didn’t hear from them until the twilight hour and hashed out a ceremony with a lot of gaps which I said could be filled in if I arrived a couple of hours early on the day..

I was told to get there 9,30 am for a 10am kick off. The idea was that we would first have a Humanist/ Christian ritual followed by a Hindu one!

Well , I won’t go into details but I did arrive at 9,30 and I left at the end of the day ( 18h) just as the guests all sat down for dinner! Phew! I think the photos speak for themselves don’t they? Lovely, joyful, crazy day.:)

IMG_8155 IMG_8158 IMG_8160IMG_8139IMG_8135IMG_8158

And here’s a lovely video of Xaoying and Zayang  at Chateau Le Pape  with my husband George http://www.georgesmithmusic.com singing in the background