Getting distracted.

Hi again,

It’s been a few months since I last put up a post because,  in truth , I’ve been very distracted ranting , discussing and reading  about  the recent terrorist attacks here  in France.

I’m not going to do the same here on  my wedding blog but this is a subject which slightly crosses over into the domain of “non-religion” and ethics.

I concluded from following the media ( which I rarely do) on this subject that wherever an ethical line is drawn there will always be people on either side of it . Free speech, the death penalty, interpretation of religious teachings, abortion, stem-cell research, corruption, tax evasion, media coverage and political manipulation , poverty , wealth, war, global warming …….all provoke interminable debate.

I remember calling an American friend of mine who was living in New York at the time of the September 11th attacks on the twin towers. She is a professional musician and we met each other here in France at a meditation retreat run by Tich Naht Han

She said that the attack had made her feel the worthlessness of her art, job and career. “Such a futile activity with no meaning in the world……..entertaining people and writing songs seemed almost shameful in the face of such suffering.” she said.

I advised her, needless to say, that she shouldn’t look at her role in her community this way ….and what a wonderful contribution to the world …….making music and entertaining is.!!

So I was surprised to find myself reacting to the recent events in Paris with  the very same insecurities about my job here in France performing wedding ceremonies.

But life goes on and we all have to work so ……..

I went to the Salon du Mariage in Bordeaux last weekend ………….and ……

I marvelled, as I walked and talked to stall holders,  at everyone’s effort , artistry, beauty, skill and elegance. The patissiers, dress makers, flower arrangers, photographers, card printers , caterers all putting on their best show……… and I felt joyful.

A wedding is a joyful occasion I decided….not a futile one.

And the world needs as much joy as it can possibly get !

So here’s to my 2015 wedding season which looks like it’s going to be crazily busy again. Yippee!


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