Don’t forget the music.


Had my first meeting this weekend with a lovely couple from London who are getting married this year at  which is close to my home. I don’t generally meet a couple before their wedding other than on Skype  but if possible and  it gives me an excuse to make a trip to the lovely city of Bordeaux  I’m happy to oblige.

During our meeting we discussed the ceremony and Ben and Lisa had lots of creative ideas. Their French/American alliance is going to make a colourful wedding with nearly 200 guests! And not unusually this couple looked to me for ideas about music for the ceremony and champagne reception.

I just wanted to share this with my readers because your music is of key importance.

My husband is the singer, guitarist and manager of a wedding band here in France.

They literally perform the music for 60/70 weddings a year. I’m not objective , of course, but they are the best band in the area ( maybe in France!)  and quite apart from wanting to  promote them,  I want to share a small tip .

Through George’s experience and my listening to his interminable  practice I have come to learn a great deal about this important consideration for a successful wedding.

I won’t disclose all the tricks of our trade but here is an idea which he had for the champagne reception. p.s. The other guitarist is our eldest son Thomas Smith whose website is not up yet but you can listen to some  audio  tracks  on this link.