How to choose between a ” formula and a ” creative” wedding.

Do you want a “creative” or a “formula” wedding?

The wedding trade is a world of infinite possibility , “or so one would think.”
As a celebrant in France I have certainly seen hundreds of different wedding venues, bridal gowns, bridesmaids’ dresses, groomsmens’ outfits ,  decorations, flowers, and so on but they all seem to fit clearly into two different categories. Creative or Formula. I have  no judgement or advice about which way one should swing but it may help to know there isn’t an infinite number of possibilities.

Formula …….A formula wedding is something which has been tried and tested and works!! If you don’t have the time or the “know how” to source your suppliers then you need a wedding planner or a venue that proposes one. (They are invaluable!! and not excessively expensive )

A professional planner who manages numerous weddings every year sources their own suppliers. The suppliers are all experienced and know what they’re doing and the wedding planner has whitled down the team to the most professional and reliable for the job. You will, however, get a “formula.” Ask for references.
An experienced planner will give you choices within a framework so you can still give your wedding a personal touch with choices of menu,flowers,decor and where things happen.
However, there will be very little flexibility with the time table ( which is good!)
EG the band won’t play after midnight so the speeches have to be NOT TOO LONG.!!
You will be recommended a celebrant who will also be professional and experienced , but no venue or planner will mind if you source your celebrant yourself. The ceremony is clearly the most meaningful part of the day and the celebrant should be someone with whom you are able to form a friendship. Someone flexible, wise and understanding.
There are many independent celebrants on the web. IMG_3282imageimagephoto

Creative……..If you have the time to source yourself go for small, independant suppliers.
They will not only have the time but are more likely to genuinely give you that special, personal touch. Take the time to Skype call .
It is surprising that a symbolic ceremony conjures up a host of images in our minds and yet most weddings conform to the archetype.
You can, in fact, do anything you wish and there is nothing which brings out the creative side of literally every guest and member of your family like a wedding.
You can make the most wonderful décorations yourself. Spend a bit of time on Pinterest, Facebook, Blogs to get ideas. Ask your guests to collect things from car boots and charity shops.
If you don’t have the time ask every guest to do something original. Either write some words, a song,a dance routine. Ask them to get together and plan things .
It can not go wrong.! It’s just risky especially if you have risky friends! But everyone takes a wedding task seriously!
You really don’t have to conform to anything at all .
The most important thing you must do is choose a beautiful venue with provision for shelter in case of rain. I obviously advise you to chose a creative person for your celebrant. Someone who’s happy to embrace and propose ideas.

If you’re having a French wedding you could opt for a good white wine instead of cheap champagne and fresh oysters or goat’s cheese toasties with homemade fresh chilli sauce instead of salty, overworked canapés with mayonnaise.
You can go for a buffet with waiter-service wines, which will include local tomatoes, fois gras, fruit in abundance, charcuterie, wine and cheese.The local produce is staggeringly delicious , inexpensive and looks beautiful and chic on the table or strewn about.
If you’re going for a restaurant, again look for  an intimate authentic locally frequented place and tell them you’re getting married ……you’ll be spoilt to death!!

If you have any original ideas please share them with me.
Thanks for reading my blog.