How to avoid arrogant professionals…….

There’s no doubt that the wedding trade can be a lucritive industry for any professional who gets a foot in the door. So, of course, it’s highly competitive.

The energy buzzing around a wedding is always highly charged and every person present will contribute their own vibes to the atmosphere.
Every person involved has an important role …..from the gardeners, cleaners, seamstress,florists,various cooks, makeup artists, hair dressers, photographers, musicians,waiters,chefs and celebrants to the brides’maids, groomsmen, parents and other guests etc.
Wedding planners are usually  super organized and  infinitely pleasant and patient. (They don’t last long in the profession if they’re not !)

But the other professionals involved should also be flexible and pleasant.

Don’t be seduced by a photographer’s protfolio if you don’t get a good vibe from him/her. They will be with you the whole day and they can ruin it. The photographer is very often an artist with out boundaries. They can have a huge sense of self importance and be unpleasant and bossy with everybody!

The same can be said for the serving staff or receptionists in hotels and restaurants. Do your homework and don’t be seduced by a beautiful venue if you don’t get a really good vibe from the staff. Better to have a beautiful setting with an atmosphere of joy and loveliness than a cold, uptight grumpy atmosphere in a stunning setting.

Don’t forget that all of your suppliers are  keen to get everything right  and may be under pressure.

The list goes on. The same goes , of course , for your celebrant.

The ceremony is the most stressful moment for the couple but it is clearly the most significant.
Chose your celebrant carefully…..Chose someone who can put you at ease.
Very often it is the successful, confident  types who get completely panicked by the imminent prospect of ” saying his/her vows” in front of all the guests.

Unlike the registrar or priest you can source your own celebrant. Ask for a Skype call and chat for an hour or so about all sorts of things , not only the wedding. Ask yourself if you like this person, if they are flexible and don’t be afraid to look for someone else if it doesn’t feel right.

Don’t be bullied!

You cannot underestimate how vulnerable you will feel on the day.

You not only have to manage your friends’ and relatives ( invariably a challenge in itself) but you also have to make countless decisions about how the day unfolds.

It takes most couples completely by surprise.

A wedding day is a strangely stressful event. No matter how hard we try to make it relaxed and enjoyable .

My advise is to research your suppliers. Ask for testimonials and take the trouble to contact other people who have worked with them.