Anthony and Amélie

“Hello Sandie,

A slightly overdue thank you for your wonderful work during our wedding day.

As we shared with you before the wedding, there were a few sceptics in the family who didn’t really understand the purpose of our ceremony, but thanks to your excellent skills they understood why we were having a ceremony, and completely supported it.

I really appreciated your help in crafting the ceremony, I had my own ideas and it was great to be able to bounce them off you, learning from your experience.

On the day of the ceremony when you first arrived, your confidence and calmness was inspiring and infectious, definitely what I needed. During the ceremony your skills in speaking in both languages, your ability to deliver warmth and humour, really helped us make the day exactly as we wanted it.

The rest of the day was perfect, food, champagne, wine, beer, music, caterers, speeches all perfect – the guests both enjoyed themselves and were well behaved, a rare double for an Australian wedding.

As promised we will send you the photographs from our professional photographer, we haven’t had them yet.

Merci beaucoup,
Anthony and Amélie.”