A glowing testimonial from two lovely ladies

Choosing our celebrant was a really important decision for us as a couple. It was important that our celebrant understood us individually and collectively to deliver a genuine service that truly reflected our relationship. Sandie nailed it! The ceremony was our favourite part of the day and Sandie had a huge role to play in that. Her demeanor and tone was spot on, she is charismatic yet doesn’t steal the show. The testament is really in the reactions of our guests who remarked on how lovely Sandie was and how genuine they found ceremony.  We cannot recommend Sandie enough!ChateauLartigolle2
Hopefully our paths will cross again. If your ever in London Sandie we would love to grab a drink, likewise if we happen to be passing through Bordeaux we will be sure to let you know.
Loads of Love Rach and Jen Heath Porsz