How to get married in France

I ‘ve blogged about “getting married in France” already but I don’t expect you to have read all my blogs and I’ve just happened on this good article in Anglo info which covers all the logistical points very clearly.

It is interesting to understand that the French are not familiar with symbolic , humanist, non- religious ceremonies.

They are very traditional in their tastes and protocol and their answer to a non- religious ceremony is a civil marriage which takes place at the Mairie by an official elected member of the council. If they want a ” walking down the aisle in a wedding gown” style ceremony they  go to the church.

This is changing rapidly. I get more and more enquiries from french couples every year and young couples are realising that they can have a ceremony on the top of a mountain ,on a beach ,in the grounds of a chateau or in the garden of their own home , but this is an Anglo saxon influence.

I have performed hundreds of ceremonies literally in the mountains of the Alps, the Pyrenees, on the beaches of the Atlantic, the Meditteranean and the English Channel, at most of the  major monuments in Paris, at countless chateaux all over France and in countless family homes but I’ve only performed a handful  of French ceremonies. Most of the French- speaking ones have been bi- lingual or for French couples who have travelled or lived in English speaking countries.