Nice testimonial

Evening Sandie 

Hope you’re well! Time really does fly, it’s been almost a month since our perfect day at and we have just received all 446 photos back from Chloe at Caught the Light Photography.

They are truly wonderful and totally tell the story and feeling of our day.

Here’s are some of the highlights from our day.. 

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“Thank you so much for creating such a beautiful personal ceremony for us, it really was the most amazing day! You made me really take in every moment and I cannot thank you enough for that! It felt like we had a close friend conducting our ceremony, you made everything seem less and nothing seemed like too much hassle.”

There are so many amazing pictures of our day including lots with you in.

Please contact Chloe Browne from Caught the Light Photography who will send you everything you need. 

The video by Zen films  is really beautiful

Thank you again

Stephanie x